I was recently featured on “Wall Street Today,” hosted by marketing expert Greg Rollett, to talk about my goals to bring financial literacy to employees of small- and mid-sized businesses. What follows is a transcription of my conversation with Greg:

Greg: “You really want to help everyone have a higher sense of financial literacy and wellness; I think this is so admirable these days, because there are a lot of employees who come in who have no idea what they’re doing. Why do you think this is so important, and what are you doing to improve financial literacy?”

Steve: “Employees who don’t know anything about retirement plans become very interested in them when they learn about them. I think that employers have an incentive to bring this to the workplace. The larger organizations—Fortune 500 companies, for example—are offering financial wellness programs to all their employees. Some 60% of employees are stressed out about paying their bills, saving for retirement, and managing debt, but they’re taking company time to worry about this stuff and are losing both sleep and productivity because of it. These larger companies are realizing that this stress impacts their bottom line.

“We’re trying to empower these employees to get their financial houses in order and reduce their financial stress.”

“Larger employers have the money and the capital to provide this for their employees, but small- and mid-sized companies don’t have programs like this. I partnered with an elite group of 401(k) advisors in what we call a producer group. We contracted with these large market players and then brought them downmarket to make it more affordable for smaller employers. Now we can roll out a program with some terrific web-based tools, a CFP helpline, and live workshops and seminars at the workplace. We’re trying to empower these employees to get their financial houses in order and reduce their financial stress, which we do as part of a partnership with their retirement plan—we’ve found that participation and savings rates go through the roof when employees become more financially literate. I think that through these efforts, we’re making a big dent in the problem.”

Greg: “I think there are a lot of small- and mid-sized businesses out there who need this for their own company. What’s the best way for employers, owners, COOs, and HR directors to take that first step and learn more about how you can help them?”

Steve: “They can go to my general website, www.RetirementCFO.com, or if they want to look at a product-specific site, they can visit www.SelectRetirementPlans.com. There, they can learn all about our solution and about financial wellness. If they like what they see, it’s very easy for them to request a proposal. All they need to do is provide a little basic information about their company and their plan, and we’ll reach out to them to see if our solution is a good fit for them.”

Greg: “Two great resources that I hope everyone watching will take advantage of. I hope that you will continue to make an impact in the lives of not just the companies and the business owners, but more importantly, all the Americans who need these types of plans. Thank you so much, Steve, for being here.”


If you have any questions about financial literacy and wellness or about retirement plans for your employees, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, and be sure to visit my websites. I’d be happy to speak with you.